YFA 20 - Inzuzo 3

Inzuzo was formed in 2015 to do things differently to other IFA lead generators.


Increasingly, not all IFAs are looking for the same kind of clients. Not all clients are looking for the same kind of IFA. Not all consumers understand what they need or the terminology for what they’ve got or what they want.


This means the traditional way of delivering leads, straight from a website to an IFA, creates missed opportunities, as well as wasting time and money. Perfectly good leads are supplied to advisors who can’t or doesn’t want to help the enquirer.


We combine enquiries with the strongest intent, people searching for help and advice on Google and other main search engines, with a skilled call team who can filter the enquiries to ensure only consumers who are genuine and need an IFA are connected with an IFA looking for those kind of clients.


The benefit of this, compared to traditional ‘web leads’, is that advisors spend less time trying to contact leads, waste less money on unsuitable leads they have to pay for and more advice time is spent helping people who are likely to do business’.


Web: www.inzuzo.co.uk